Frost Moon Wand

Introducing “Earball Dragain” – “Dragon Tail”

This is a 15 5/8 inch Lilac wand with a carving that mimics a Dragons tail and has been collected during a November Frost Moon. A Dragons tail much like a Unicorn horn, crystal points or even bird skulls, are said hold special mystical powers above other talismans. There is a small polished Citrine crystal set into the hilt cap to assist in dissipating negative energies and entities.


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Frost Moon Wand

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Living branches remain a living part of a woodland and never chosen or removed by this wand-maker.  Wands are provided by host trees once they have finished their life cycle and are ready to begin a new journey as a wand. Once retrieved It will be a minimum of one lunar year before it is presented in its new form. Through particular methodology and care I produce these works free of influence on its abilities and ready for the Wand bearer.

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Weight .725 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 6 cm


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