Hunger moon Wand

Introducing “Aimsir” – “Time”
This is a 18 3/4 inch long Lilac wand with a carved hourglass motif and has been collected during a February Hunger Moon. The long and slender form provides the precision and confidence of experience. Be it the sands in the hourglass or the changing of the seasons, some believe, the passing of time is an illusion, however, nature reminds us that time stands still for no one.


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Hunger moon Wand

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Living branches remain a living part of a woodland and never chosen or removed by this wand-maker.  Wands are provided by host trees once they have finished their life cycle and are ready to begin a new journey as a wand. Once retrieved It will be a minimum of one lunar year before it is presented in its new form. Through particular methodology and care I produce these works free of influence on its abilities and ready for the Wand bearer.

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Weight .725 kg
Dimensions 55 × 10 × 6 cm


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